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Congress Organizers

This Congress was organized with the active contribution of the following bodies:

  • Gdansk Organizing Committee (POC)
  • PIARC (World Road Association)

Gdansk Organizing Committee (POC)

GDDKIA chaired the local Polish Organizing Committee (POC) on behalf of Poland.

For more information: https://www.gddkia.gov.pl/

PIARC (World Road Association)

PIARC Technical Committee on Winter service

The PIARC Technical Committee on Winter service, Chaired by Mr Didier Giloppé (France), was instrumental in the success of the Congress:

  • Chair: Didier Giloppé (France)
  • English-speakingSecretary: Alan Chambers (UK)
  • Spanish-speaking Secretary: JoséCarlos Valdecantos Alvarez (Spain)
  • Webmaster: Anna Arvidsson (Sweden)
  • Members: David Palmitjavila (Andorra), Heimo Maier-Farkas (Austria), Josef Neuhold (Austria), Peter Nutz (Austria), Frédéric Razée (Belgium), Louis Prochore Noubissié (Cameroon), Martin J. McKay (Canada), Frank Rizzardo (Canada), Yigiu Tan (China), Xibin Zhang (China), Placide Mpan (Congo), Tuovi Pävio (Finland), Odile Coudert (France), Didier Diem (France), Horst Hanke (Germany), Majid Sabaghzadeh (Iran), Roberto Mastrangelo (Italy), Masaru Matsuzawa (Japan), Omar Chef Essekelli (Morocco), Khalid Mziguel (Morocco), Oystein Larsen (Norway), Pawel Sobiesiak (Poland), SukJin Jeong (South Korea), Luis Azcue Rodriguez (Spain), Dan Eriksson (Sweden), Oleksandr Malov (Ukraine), Gabriel Guevara (USA), Steven M. Lund (USA)
  • Corresponding members: Jordi Garcia Llevet (Andorra), Emilie Godbout (Canada-Québec), Serge Hamel (Canada-Québec), Guy Mérette (Canada-Québec), Christian Salinas (Chile), Amilcar Veneciano Munoz (Chile), Jean Bosco Chef Kiang (Congo), Jana Stulirova (Czech Republic), Pavel Sustr (Czech Republic), Otto Kärki (Finland), Zoltan Pasztor (Hungary), Mohammad Rashed Modares Gorji (Iran), Shigehisa Matsui (Japan), Kai Rune Lysbakken (Norway), Youngman Seol (South Korea), JorgeEnrique Lucas Herranz (Spain), Pablo Julia (Switzerland), Stewart Leggett (UK)
  • Associate members: Pavel Jezek (Czech Republic), Stéphanie Gaudé (France)
  • Young professionals: Mohammad Poorteimoori (Iran), Ryo Kakatani (Japan)

The PIARC Committees on Road Tunnel Operations and on Bridges contributed actively as well.

Executive Committee (February 2018)

  • President:Claude Van Rooten (Belgium)
  • Past President:Oscar de Buen Richkarday (Mexico)
  • Vice-Presidents: Cheick Oumar Diallo (Mali), Shigeru Kikukawa (Japan), Miguel Angel Salvia (Argentina)
  • Members: Ahmed Al Hammadi (UAE), Christine Bouchet (France), Oscar Callejo (Mexico), Richard Charpentier (Canada-Québec), Mārtinš Dambergs (Latvia/BRA), Lena Erixon (Sweden/NRA), Diane Gamble (New Zealand), Nick Koukoulas (Australia), Wojciech Kowalewski (Poland), Stefan Krause (Germany), Bojan Leben (Slovenia), Kang Hoon Lee (Korea Republic), José Miguel Ortega (Chile), Meor Aziz Bin Osman (Malaysia), Graham Pendlebury (United Kingdom), Marie-Claude Petit (Canada), María del Carmen Picón (Spain), Massimo Schintu (Italy), Alex Van Niekerk (South Africa), Walter Waidelich (USA), Dejin Wu (People's Republic of China), Friedrich Zotter (Austria)
  • Representative of the National Committees: Saverio Palchetti (Italy)

Strategic Planning Commission
(February 2018)

  • Chair: Oscar Callejo (Mexico) (2016-2018)
  • Vice-Chair: Richard Charpentier (Canada-Québec)
  • Ex officio members: Claude Van Rooten, PIARC President, Patrick Malléjacq, PIARC Secretary General
  • Members: Mohamed Afechkar (Morocco), Roberto Aguerrebere (Mexico), Ahmed Al Hammadi (UAE), Ernesto Barrera (Chile), Claire Bergé (France), Jean-François Corté (France), Oscar Gutiérrez (Spain), Shigeru Kikukawa (Japan), Bojan Leben (Slovenia), Hirofumi Ohnishi (Japan), José Miguel Ortega (Chile), Graham Pendlebury (United Kingdom), Miguel Angel Salvia (Argentina), Peter Schmitz (Germany), Ali Traoré (Burkina Faso), Alex Van Niekerk (South Africa), Walter Waidelich (USA), Agneta Wargsjö (Sweden)
  • Representative of the National Committees: Saverio Palchetti (Italy)

PIARC General Secretariat
(February 2018)

  • Secretary General: Patrick Malléjacq (France)
  • Deputy Secretary General: Robin Sébille (France)
  • Technical Director: Miguel Caso Flórez (Spain)
  • Staff: Véronique Anselin, Alain Charles, Marina Domingo Monsonís, Cécile Jeanne, Marie Pastol, Hanitra Rabetaliana, Nathalie Sabbah
  • Technical Advisors: Verónica Arias Espejel (Mexico), Aleksandra Cybulska (Poland), Kirsten Graf-Landmann (Germany), Hyunseok Kim (Republic of Korea), Yuya Namiki (Japan), Kajsa Julia Ström (Sweden), Claudine Tremblay (Canada-Québec)

 For more information: www.piarc.org


English, French,and Polish were the official languages at the XV International Winter Road Congress. Simultaneous interpretation services were provided, particularly during plenary and technical sessions.

Most of the documents presented on this website are available in English, some in English and French. The seminar of the Polish Road Congress was held in Polish.

Congress Venue

  • Amber Expo Exhibition Centre, Gdansk, Poland

  • Amber Expo Exhibition Centre, Gdansk, Poland

  • Amber Expo Exhibition Centre, Gdansk, Poland

The XVth International Winter Road Congress was held at Amber Expo Exhibition Centre, Gdansk, Poland

For more information: http://amberexpo.pl/

Social events

Welcome Reception

  • The Welcome reception took place at Amber Expo on the first evening of the Congress

  • The Welcome reception took place at Amber Expo on the first evening of the Congress

Tuesday, February 20th, 19:30-22:30 am

The Welcome reception took place at Amber Expo on the first evening of the Congress. It brought all participants together in a warm atmosphere, paving the way for a fruitful week of professional and friendly exchanges, in keeping with the rich tradition of welcoming in Poland.

Congress Dinner

  • The Congress dinner was served at Amber Expo.

  • The Congress dinner was served at Amber Expo.

Thursday, February 22nd, 20:00 - 1:00 am

The Congress dinner was served at Amber Expo.

Participants discovered the subtlety of Polish cuisine and the refinement of their artistic performances. It was a unique moment of conviviality before the last day of the Congress and farewells.

Accompanying persons program

  • Gdansk City Tour

  • Malbork Castle

In addition to their participation in the Congress ceremonies and dinner, accompanying persons were able to enjoy a program specially designed for them throughout the week:

  • Gdansk City Tour
  • Cultural visit to Gdansk
  • Malbork Castle


As part of the Congress, an international exhibition was organised.

Exhibitors presented the best of their experience and know-how, offering a unique opportunity to foster cooperation and networking between the main actors of the global road system.

Exhibitors included:

  • road authorities,
  • government agencies,
  • international road institutes,
  • universities,
  • road engineering consultants,
  • manufacturers and suppliers of road infrastructure construction equipment,
  • road construction and maintenance companies,
  • suppliers of road operation equipment,
  • technical associations related to roads and road transport.

The exhibition was attended by 48 companies and institutions from 18 countries.

It was divided into two parts: Hall A, where exhibition stands were displayed and Hall B, where the machinery were presented.

12 countries displayed their national stands at Hall A: China, Czech Republic, Japan, Canada, South Korea, France, Norway, Poland, Slovakia,Scandinavia, Italy and the United Arab Emirates.

The most important companies from the winter service industry presented their offers. Machinery from companies such as Aebi Schmidt, Bucher Municipal, Boschung, Mercedes Benz, Giletta and Ozamet were displayed at hall B.

The exhibition was very popular with visitors. Over 2 500 guests visited the exhibition during the four days.

For more information: Exhibition guide

PIARC (World Road Association Pavilion)

  • World Road Association Pavilion

  • World Road Association Pavilion

A pavilion was dedicated to PIARC, its activities and experts.

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