Poster sessions

Poster sessions were held in a dedicated area in the centre of the exhibition hall.

  1. T1: Extreme situations, disasters
  2. T2: Climate change and the environment
  3. T3: Road weather information
  4. T4: Road users and road safety
  5. T5: Winter maintenance management and planning
  6. T6: Equipment and products
  7. T7: Winter service in urban areas
  8. T8: Tunnels and bridges

All authors of accepted articles were invited to present a poster at the Congress according to the program below.
In addition to the oral presentations, 32 articles were only presented as posters.

In most cases, individual communications are available in English only.

T1: Extreme situations, disasters

  • LEE Haesun : A study on selection of disaster operation routes against heavy snow with Dijkstra algorithm and AHP analysis in GIS-based : A case study for Gangwon province in South Korea
  • BUIL Maria : Procedure for traffic deviations on AP7 and AP2 motorways

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T2: Climate change and the environment

  • DURICKOVIC Ivana : DEFROUPHROU : Investigation of the road salt phytoremediation possibilities

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T3: Road weather information

  • ZHANG Xibin : Research on the Asphalt Pavement Ice-forming Mechanism and Environmental Conditions
  • MARCHETTI Mario : Themolog statistics: forecast ice occurrence susceptibility of networks
  • KREMER Vincent : Coupling thermal mapping of road network and managing traffic flux
  • PSZCZOŁA Marek : Evaluation and utilisation of road weather data for planning of asphalt pavement winter maintenance
  • JONSSON Jonas : The Importance of Quality Control concerning RWiS Data
  • STANIEK Marcin : S-Milesys Platform As A Solution To Support Winter Road Maintenance In Smart Cities
  • TANAKA Yuzuru : Winter Road Management in Sapporo through Urban-scale Real-time Monitoring and Analysis of Traffic and Weather Big Data

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T4: Road users and road safety

  • UCHIDA Takashi : Efforts on drivers’ further safety and security with our tire chain control in Tokai Hokuriku Expressway
  • JELISEJEVS Boriss :  SmartE67 project: pilot implementation of complex ITS solutions for road safety in winter time
  • KIEC Mariusz : Study On The Impact Of Variable Weather Conditions During The Winter Period On The Vehicle Drivers’ Behavior
  • REZAEE ARJROODY Abdolreza : Investigation of Winter Season Effects on the Demand for Goods Transportation in Iranʼs Roads

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T5: Winter maintenance management and planning

  • GILOPPE Didier :
    The Winter Service mirror committee or how to spread work of the B2 committee in France
    The snow and ice data book published by the winter service committee and its future development
  • BERGNER Dave : Innovations in Winter Road Service: Achieving a Sustainable, Highly Effective and Efficient Operation Within Budgetary Constraints
  • TAKAHASHI Hiroyuki : Multiple approaches to better management of heavy traffic during winter season on the major expressway in Japan
  • DAMKJAER Tine : How to keep up quality after outsoursing

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T6: Equipment and products

  • NILSSEN Kine : Measuring Ice Melting Capacity. Can AIR617 Replace SHRP H-25.1 and H-25.2?
  • MARCHETTI Mario : Freezing point of de-icers and aircrafts anti-icing fluids though a statistical approach
  • AOKI Masashige : Development of Chemical Anti-Freezing Pavement that allows anyone can easily remove the snow from sidewalks
  • TAMURA Nobuichi : Snow Ice Vehicle driving support by GPS vehicle location
  • SAITOH Kazuyuki : About a freeze suppressant effect of the Longitudinal groove rough surface hybrid paving
  • FONNESBECH Jens Kristian : Save million of Euro in Winter Service
  • SAIDA Akira : Development of a Friction Estimation Method and a Winter Road Surface Improvement Simulator (WiRIS)
  • MURAMATSU Tadahisa : Development of Snow Accumulation Control System on the Portal and Cantilevered Sign Support
  • PERSSON Krister : Mobile Test Facility For Salt Spreading Equipment
  • OHIRO Tomonori : Feasibility Analysis Of Using A Vehicle-Mounted ACM Sensor As A Salinometer
  • SANCHA NAVARRO Emilio Francisco : Spain: Its Difficult Issue To Choice And Develop Environmentally Friendly Ice Melting In Order To Fight Against Snow

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T7: Winter service in urban areas

  • KHALIFA Abderrahmen : How the traffic energy contributes to delay snow accumulation on pavement

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T8: Tunnels and bridges

  • VALENZUELA Matías A. : Bridges Construction experience in Austral Zone of Chile: Serrano Bridge Case

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